Month: May 2015

I Am a Woman

Some days you just have to have a playlist that reminds you that all of your womanly powers make you a “superhero” capable of changing the world. This is that playlist. “Girl in a County Song” Maddie & Tae “We ain’t a cliché. That ain’t no way to treat a lady.” For all... read more

Missy and Nana

Moms are amazing, beautiful and human. My own mom died suddenly five months ago. One minute she was here and within 24 hours she was gone. Her oldest granddaughter, Missy, spoke these words to her just before she slipped away. Best Mother’s Day tribute I’ve ever... read more

Advice to the Graduate

It’s the time of year when students from all over the country don their funny-looking dress and hat and turn their tassel from left to right. Students are packing up their memories along with their moving boxes as they leave college behind and enter the “real world.” Graduates are... read more