Month: November 2015

How do we give thanks in the midst of suffering?

My family can rock a holiday, which is why Thanksgiving is one of my favorite. Lots of family, feasting, and FUN mixed with ‘just the right amount’ of gratitude shared before dinner—the perfect holiday—at least it was until now. Now—to give thanks feels like I must ignore the fact... read more

Challenge the “impossible.”

How much of our lives are defined by the word “impossible?” We all have a list of things that can’t be done—like changing the past, or altering the fundamental nature of the universe. But how long we allow that list to grow governs much of our outlook on life and our positivity about... read more

Educate yourself

Have you ever taken a dream of yours—the type you’ve habitually dismissed as unfeasible but that sticks in the back of your head anyway—and crunched the numbers to see if you could make it work? How much does that plane ticket really cost? How many hours would you have to spend to... read more

Meet a Millennial Voice

Meet the Pro-Life Mellennial… “Frankly, if you look around [this campus], you probably don’t see any pregnant women. And you probably don’t see that many pregnancy resources,” she tells the group. Where anti-abortion advocates of yore may have focused on the fetus,... read more

Why you should stop letting other people define you

Who is the best version of yourself? Are you that person? Do you want to be? A lot rides on these questions. A lot of self-esteem, a lot of perfectionism, a lot of doubt. We over-invest in being right, in being perfect, in being liked. So to cope, we give up the reigns. We let someone else... read more