Month: December 2015

You Are an Agent of Change

We all know the feeling of being adrift in our life—of not knowing what we are doing, where we are going, or how we could change our own course, even if we wanted. When we believe this, we become helpless. We adopt a passive attitude toward the world around us, resigned to the... read more

Validation comes from within.

“I feel so validated.” We all know the rush of relief that comes with that statement. Having an outside source confirm something you have suspected or believed (but were unsure of) can be like a weight lifted off your shoulders. It’s reassuring to have someone agree with you. But... read more

Going boldly in HOPE

Ever notice when we talk about “hope” how rarely we sound hopeful? “I hope I passed that test.” “I hope you did that thing I asked.” “I hope everything will be OK.” These words aren’t hopeful. They express anxiety, doubt, and fear—about ourselves, the people in... read more