Month: January 2016

Your choice. Your decision. Own it.

It’s easy to own our successes. When we’re proud of something we’ve done, we want to share it. Talk about it. Spread the word. But sometimes we choose the wrong thing. We make bad decisions. And then we look at ourselves and we think: now what? The temptation is to avoid... read more

Decision: take the plunge.

Sometimes, committing yourself to a big decision feels like plunging headfirst into a big, icy river. You look at all that water rushing past, and you wonder… Is life a torrent of BIG decisions? Or a steady stream of smaller decisions that prepare us for those big, plunging... read more

Choice is possibility made real.

Think about the difference between these statements: “I just can’t choose.” Life’s full of good things. How can I pick one over the other? Now consider this: “I have no choice.” My back is up against the wall. I can only see one possibility, and I don’t like it. Do you... read more

We Are Powerful

When you feel life dragging you down, do you let it? Many forces are at work in our lives to disempower us. They can be single events, or ongoing struggles: the loss of a loved one, an illness or injury, or some form of assault. The society in which we live can make us feel coerced and... read more