Month: April 2016

How do I support someone when I barely know what I’m doing myself?

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where we’re the best person for a job we don’t know how to do. Life hits hard, we’re in way over our heads, and it’s time to be an adult. But how do we know what to do? Accept that you’re going to have to learn as you go. You aren’t going to... read more

Am I a good friend?

As our lives change, we change, and in the process we may find ourselves falling away from people who used to be close friends. This can be hugely difficult and painful for both parties. How can we handle this situation with the least amount of hurt? Work with your friend. If you... read more

What happens when someone tells me “no”?

Sometimes we put ourselves out there and get rejected. And it hurts. Sometimes that hurt is a sting, and sometimes it’s a big ‘ole ego-crushing, complex-creating monster of a blow. Either way, its up to us to learn how to move on, and we should start by making an honest evaluation of... read more