Month: February 2017

Is Casual Sex Worth it?

What does “casual sex” mean, anyway? The phrase “casual sex” gets thrown around a lot, often meaning different things to different women. It could mean a one-night-stand with someone you’ve just met at a club or on Tinder. Or it could mean periodically hooking up with someone. Or sex... read more

Can you say “no” to sex? Consent and expectations.

When the expectation is to always say “yes,” consent is more powerful than ever before. Over the past few decades, a lot of social norms surrounding sex have changed drastically. It's great that we can now talk more positively about sex, and we should celebrate that. And while slut shaming... read more

How to talk to your partner about an STI

We know it’s an awkward conversation, but here’s why you need to ask. Nothing kills the romatic mood quite like “Oh, by the way honey, when was the last time you were tested for STIs?” That said, STIs are serious, and before you sleep with someone, you should be sure they’re free of STIs.... read more