Month: June 2017

The Chemistry of Romantic Love

How the Chemistry of Romantic Love Affects Your Relationships Have you ever wondered why we fall in love? Or why you always seem to say the wrong thing around your crush? Or why you just can’t stop thinking about the guy who took you to dinner? Did you know there’s actually a biological... read more

Infant Sleep Strategies for the Exhausted Mom

How can you help your baby sleep through the night so you can get some extra shut-eye? In those carefree days before the baby arrived, sleep deprivation meant a few nights before finals or an epic house party. After baby? Well, you didn’t even know you could function on this little sleep. Even... read more

Support During Labor and Delivery When the Father is Not Present

Finding the right support during labor and delivery as a single mom. One of the more welcome developments in recent years is the presence of fathers in the delivery room when their children are being born. Not so long ago, men were expected to wait outside while the woman gave birth. Nowadays,... read more