Month: August 2017

Getting Financial Aid as a Student Mother

Motherhood doesn’t have to put a full stop to your educational goals. Finishing college is important. That’s why, when students find out they are pregnant, one of the first things they worry about is school. Not only does it become physically harder to attend classes, but there are suddenly... read more

How to Get Out of Debt as a Young Mother

Managing your finances is tough. Here’s how you can make a start. Seeing that positive pregnancy test can be thrilling and terrifying. Suddenly your future is full of big decisions. One of the things that young parents often spend a lot of time thinking about is finances. Between doctor’s... read more

When is it Time to End a Relationship?

Is this a rough patch to work through, or proof it’s not meant to be? You’re in a relationship. It went well for a while, but lately you’ve started to question whether it’s what you want. You wonder if you’re just missing the giddy early stages of romance or if you’re afraid of... read more