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How do I support someone when I barely know what I’m doing myself?

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where we’re the best person for a job we don’t know how to do. Life hits hard, we’re in way over our heads, and it’s time to be an adult. But how do we know what to do? Accept that you’re going to have to learn as you go. You aren’t going to... read more

What does it mean to be “proactive”?

Is it busyness? Just for extroverts? Not for me? When people say to us “be more proactive,” it can feel like we’re being shoved in a direction we don’t want to go. And to a certain extent, that’s true: inertia has set in, there’s a routine to break, and we’ll probably need to... read more

Decision: take the plunge.

Sometimes, committing yourself to a big decision feels like plunging headfirst into a big, icy river. You look at all that water rushing past, and you wonder… Is life a torrent of BIG decisions? Or a steady stream of smaller decisions that prepare us for those big, plunging... read more

We Are Powerful

When you feel life dragging you down, do you let it? Many forces are at work in our lives to disempower us. They can be single events, or ongoing struggles: the loss of a loved one, an illness or injury, or some form of assault. The society in which we live can make us feel coerced and... read more

You Are an Agent of Change

We all know the feeling of being adrift in our life—of not knowing what we are doing, where we are going, or how we could change our own course, even if we wanted. When we believe this, we become helpless. We adopt a passive attitude toward the world around us, resigned to the... read more

Going boldly in HOPE

Ever notice when we talk about “hope” how rarely we sound hopeful? “I hope I passed that test.” “I hope you did that thing I asked.” “I hope everything will be OK.” These words aren’t hopeful. They express anxiety, doubt, and fear—about ourselves, the people in... read more

Why you should stop letting other people define you

Who is the best version of yourself? Are you that person? Do you want to be? A lot rides on these questions. A lot of self-esteem, a lot of perfectionism, a lot of doubt. We over-invest in being right, in being perfect, in being liked. So to cope, we give up the reigns. We let someone else... read more