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You’ve already broken your resolutions. What now?

Already broke your 2017 resolutions? Where’s what to do. Well, that was quick. Barely a week in, and you’ve already botched your 2017 resolutions. Oh well, there’s always next year… right? Wrong. You don’t get off the hook that easily. Here’s what to do after you break your... read more

What’s one thing you could do this year?

If you can only accomplish one thing in 2017, what do you want it to be? It’s easy to become overly ambitious with our New Year’s Resolutions. We start dreaming, and next thing we know we have a list a mile long of all the things we plan to do. Then, when we start to fall behind, we grow... read more

5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

What do you have planned for your 2017 New Year's resolutions? Some of us get really into making New Year’s Resolutions. Others of us feel discouraged and frustrated by how often we’ve burned out by mid-January. Whichever side you fall on, it’s always good to take a moment to assess your life... read more

How to find motivation on difficult days

How do you pick yourself up when you need a win and life isn’t sending any your way? Depression or major life crisis are one thing. But what about those days where nothing seems to be going well and you just want to quit for the day, go home, and binge on Netflix? You know that doing so will just... read more