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One Woman’s Story | Why I Chose Adoption

In today's blog, we share the story of Danielle, who shared her story with the desire of bringing hope and insight to other women facing an unexpected pregnancy.  “Someday your heart will heal. Someday you’ll feel good about this decision.” These words struck Danielle’s heart.... read more

Freemie: The breast pump that changed my life

Maybe it’s just me, but pumping is the worst. Breastfeeding has a lot of things going for it, but pumping is not one of them. When I found out I was pregnant with baby #3, I immediately began dreading all the hours of pumping that were in my future. I work part time, and I had already lived... read more

Your Motherhood Matters

Happy Mother’s Day! As a new-ish mom, I love Mother’s Day. I love getting breakfast in bed, seeing what craft projects and gifts my boys have for me, and spending the whole day doing only the parenting things I enjoy. I love Mother’s Day because it’s my ideal projection of what... read more