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One Woman’s Story | Why I Chose Adoption

In today's blog, we share the story of Danielle, who shared her story with the desire of bringing hope and insight to other women facing an unexpected pregnancy.  “Someday your heart will heal. Someday you’ll feel good about this decision.” These words struck Danielle’s heart.... read more

Why is my Period Late?

Anxious about a missed or late period? Don’t panic. There are plenty of normal reasons for a late period that have nothing to do with being pregnant. And even if you’ve had a negative pregnancy test, you may still be wondering, “Why is my period late?” Consider this: Did you know that... read more

Infant Sleep Strategies for the Exhausted Mom

How can you help your baby sleep through the night so you can get some extra shut-eye? In those carefree days before the baby arrived, sleep deprivation meant a few nights before finals or an epic house party. After baby? Well, you didn’t even know you could function on this little sleep. Even... read more

Support During Labor and Delivery When the Father is Not Present

Finding the right support during labor and delivery as a single mom. One of the more welcome developments in recent years is the presence of fathers in the delivery room when their children are being born. Not so long ago, men were expected to wait outside while the woman gave birth. Nowadays,... read more

Pregnancy Help for New Mothers

What you need to know (and what Ann Arbor has to offer) if you’re pregnant. You’re pregnant. Or you think you are but haven’t checked. Or you took a home pregnancy test, and the results came back positive, but you aren’t sure what that means for you. You have a lot of questions, and... read more