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Labor and Delivery: The Purpose of Pain

Today’s blog is written by Rachel Piersol, a registered nurse and an instructor for our Labor & Delivery Class. The views reflected in this blog are hers, informed by her work as a nurse and her own experience as a mother. Let's face it. Humans love to over complicate things. In doing this,... read more

One Woman’s Story | The Adoption Process

After finding out at 17 that she was unexpectedly pregnant, Danielle faced an impossible decision: What was she going to do about an unplanned pregnancy? We read last week how Danielle made the decision to release her child for adoption.  (Read about how and why Danielle chose adoption.) In... read more

Why is my Period Late?

Anxious about a missed or late period? Don’t panic. There are plenty of normal reasons for a late period that have nothing to do with being pregnant. And even if you’ve had a negative pregnancy test, you may still be wondering, “Why is my period late?” Consider this: Did you know that... read more