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8 Common Red Flags in New Relationships

It’s time to take off the rose-colored glasses. Relationships start in all manner of ways. Sometimes there are months of build up before the two of you finally get around to going on a first date. Or one person is more interested at first, and the other side needs winning over. Or maybe you both... read more

Why you deserve a healthy relationship.

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than a healthy relationship with your partner. Our lives are full of all kinds of relationships—not just with romantic partners, but with family and friends, and even with coworkers and neighbors. It’s important to cultivate healthy relationships in all... read more

When and How to Start Dating as a Single Mother

Making the best decisions for you and your child as you enter the dating world. Having children changes things in ways we can never predict. Since chances are you can’t even pee alone, it’s not surprising that the thought of finding time to date seems overwhelming. And, even apart from finding... read more

When is it Time to End a Relationship?

Is this a rough patch to work through, or proof it’s not meant to be? You’re in a relationship. It went well for a while, but lately you’ve started to question whether it’s what you want. You wonder if you’re just missing the giddy early stages of romance or if you’re afraid of... read more

How to Heal After a Break-Up

Breaking up is hard. There's no way around it, and knowing how to heal after a break-up is even harder. We're here to help. We've identified 4 common stages we go through after a break-up. You might experience these in a different order or spend more time in one stage than another. You may even... read more

Building a Healthy Relationship Outside Romance

Where does a healthy relationship begin? Do you ever wonder why most articles on healthy relationships focus on coupling, love, sex, and marriage? Why aren't we encouraged to pursue healthy relationships in all areas of life? Shouldn’t healthy relationships be something we all desire because they... read more