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The Domino Effect: We are Moving!

We are moving! ArborWoman empowers women to embrace life and move forward in hope, and we are always looking for better ways to fulfill this mission. So when the opportunity arose to move 5 miles and expand exponentially - we jumped on it! Even though moving is change, and change can be difficult,... read more

Hormonal Changes and Empowerment

I think most women resonate with the idea that mood changes and physical symptoms come before your period. I’ve yet to meet a woman whose unfamiliar with the term “PMS”, whether or not she experiences severe, moderate or any premenstrual symptoms herself. True or not, it’s kind of a running... read more

Women and Homelessness in Michigan

The troubling connection between intimate partner violence and homelessness. A past survey of homeless adults in Michigan found that physical abuse was most frequently cited as the main cause of homelessness, making homelessness in Michigan a uniquely women’s issue. This statistic is similar to... read more

Intimate Partner Violence & Women’s Mental Health

Intimate Partner Violence impacts health physically, emotionally, and mentally. Last week, we spoke about the importance of emotional health in helping you guard against a potentially violent partner. This week we will focus on the mental health conditions associated with Intimate Partner Violence.... read more

Finding the Right Childcare Solution for You

Practical tips for life as a young mom. In 2017, the majority of moms don’t have the option of staying home with their children. It is even more unlikely for mothers under the age of twenty-five to be able to provide full-time care for their young children, with only 23% of young mothers able to... read more

How to Get Out of Debt as a Young Mother

Managing your finances is tough. Here’s how you can make a start. Seeing that positive pregnancy test can be thrilling and terrifying. Suddenly your future is full of big decisions. One of the things that young parents often spend a lot of time thinking about is finances. Between doctor’s... read more

Focusing on Experiences this Holiday Season

How can we focus less on “stuff” and more on living this holiday season? Even those of us who love shopping can find this time of year exhausting. We want to focus on family, friends, and relationships. But we also feel ourselves pressured by the stress of finding just the right gift for the... read more

Does being “strong and independent” mean being alone?

Somewhere along the path to confidence and self-reliance, most of us start to feel this nagging dread: are we about to spend the rest of our lives alone? We fear that being self-reliant is making us cold and hard. We worry that we’re losing the ability to let others in. We wonder if our... read more

What if I really have done something wrong?

Sometimes, “embarrassment” doesn’t cover it: We’ve cheated, lied, or manipulated someone to get ahead. We’ve behaved recklessly or irresponsibly, endangering others in the process. We’ve cause someone—our ourselves—seemingly irreparable hurt. We look at what we’ve... read more

Am I a good friend?

As our lives change, we change, and in the process we may find ourselves falling away from people who used to be close friends. This can be hugely difficult and painful for both parties. How can we handle this situation with the least amount of hurt? Work with your friend. If you... read more