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What happens when someone tells me “no”?

Sometimes we put ourselves out there and get rejected. And it hurts. Sometimes that hurt is a sting, and sometimes it’s a big ‘ole ego-crushing, complex-creating monster of a blow. Either way, its up to us to learn how to move on, and we should start by making an honest evaluation of... read more

Am I taking a big risk here?

Sometimes we get a crazy idea in our head that just won’t let us go. On one hand, we feel tempted to just say “YOLO” and go for it. But on the other hand, it just seems too risky… The problem with YOLO isn’t that it’s bad advice, but that it isn’t actually advice at all: it’s a... read more

I’m trying to find myself, but I don’t know where to look…

How do you define yourself? When someone asks you about yourself, what do you say? Many of us my feel comfortable with our answers, but for others of us, describing our identity is not so straightforward. This is particularly true in times of transition, when the roles we are used to... read more

I’m happy where I am—why should I leave my comfort zone?

Comfort zones are wonderful places to be. When we’re in them, the world is a warm and familiar place. We feel confident, because we aren’t at risk of being thrown off guard, of making a serious mistake, or of being embarrassed. For many of us, comfort zones are places of rejuvenation. Why would... read more

What if I don’t know what I want to do?

You’re in school, but you don’t know what you want to study. You’re looking for a profession, but you don’t know what you want to be. You don’t feel talented or particularly skilled at anything. If you’re being honest, your horizon looks pretty empty. We talk a lot about... read more

Your choice. Your decision. Own it.

It’s easy to own our successes. When we’re proud of something we’ve done, we want to share it. Talk about it. Spread the word. But sometimes we choose the wrong thing. We make bad decisions. And then we look at ourselves and we think: now what? The temptation is to avoid... read more

Choice is possibility made real.

Think about the difference between these statements: “I just can’t choose.” Life’s full of good things. How can I pick one over the other? Now consider this: “I have no choice.” My back is up against the wall. I can only see one possibility, and I don’t like it. Do you... read more

Validation comes from within.

“I feel so validated.” We all know the rush of relief that comes with that statement. Having an outside source confirm something you have suspected or believed (but were unsure of) can be like a weight lifted off your shoulders. It’s reassuring to have someone agree with you. But... read more

How do we give thanks in the midst of suffering?

My family can rock a holiday, which is why Thanksgiving is one of my favorite. Lots of family, feasting, and FUN mixed with ‘just the right amount’ of gratitude shared before dinner—the perfect holiday—at least it was until now. Now—to give thanks feels like I must ignore the fact... read more

Challenge the “impossible.”

How much of our lives are defined by the word “impossible?” We all have a list of things that can’t be done—like changing the past, or altering the fundamental nature of the universe. But how long we allow that list to grow governs much of our outlook on life and our positivity about... read more