Challenge the “impossible.”

don't accept limitations explore your possibilities

How much of our lives are defined by the word “impossible?”

We all have a list of things that can’t be done—like changing the past, or altering the fundamental nature of the universe. But how long we allow that list to grow governs much of our outlook on life and our positivity about the future.

Does your list of “impossible” things include items like getting out of debt or breaking a bad habit? Does it involve addressing problems in a difficult relationship or a long-term aspiration? Are you aware of your list of impossibilities, or do you only feel the burden on days when you’re already depressed?

Facing the beliefs we have about our options in life takes an incredible amount of  courage, especially when we feel we are on our own. Sometimes, even well-intentioned encouragement feels misplaced. We say to ourselves “that doesn’t apply to my situation. I really can’t do that thing.”

We forget to ask the more important question: “Is that true?”

“Is it really impossible to change?”

It’s easy to resign ourselves to our current situation simply because it already exists. It takes imagination to view our world differently, as well as a great deal of hope and more than a little daring.

We can never change the things we’ve resigned ourselves to. Instead, we have to be honest with ourselves about what we really want, then break down our problem into the small steps needed to change it.

Think about a challenge in your life which seems insurmountable. If you were really did make it work, what would your life be like, and how would it be different?

What would need to change for this impossible thing to become possible?

If you could change that thing, can you list just two steps that would help you begin the journey?

Don’t accept limitations without challenge. Explore your possibilities.

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Iris Proctor
Iris is the director of ArborWoman.