Decision: take the plunge.

take the plunge. decide. woman in water with air bubbles

Sometimes, committing yourself to a big decision feels like plunging headfirst into a big, icy river. You look at all that water rushing past, and you wonder…

Is life a torrent of BIG decisions?

Or a steady stream of smaller decisions that prepare us for those big, plunging moments?

Indecision can never take us anywhere. It paralyzes us, leaves us drowning in our own fear and anxiety. And the more we fail to act, the more we find ourselves in danger of being swept away.

Making a decision means taking the plunge. It’s when we commit to a course of action and will ourselves to hold fast to that resolution, come hell or high water that we move past the fear that disempowers us and toward a future we can engage with. And as frightening as choosing a specific course of action may be, refusing to choose is also a decision. It’s a decision to allow others to make choices for us, to abandon our own agency, and shirk the responsibility we have over our own lives.

Decisions don’t have to be hasty or reckless. Big ones should take time, be well-informed, and considerate of the good for ourselves and others. But sooner or later, a decision must come. Because making decisions has the potential to empower us. They can give confidence and help us hone our sights so that when the time comes, we are ready to take a leap of faith, trusting in our ability to swim.

Do you have a decision you’ve been avoiding? What’s holding you back?

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Iris Proctor
Iris is the director of ArborWoman.