Meet a Millennial Voice

Meet the Pro-Life Mellennial…

“Frankly, if you look around [this campus], you probably don’t see any pregnant women. And you probably don’t see that many pregnancy resources,” she tells the group. Where anti-abortion advocates of yore may have focused on the fetus, Wilkinson draws attention to the future mother — specifically, pregnant women on campus. “They are the target demographic,” says Wilkinson. “Five hundred thousand college-age women will have an abortion each year.”   Is pregnancy a barrier to collegiate success? Should it be? What can be done to make college a better place for pregnant women and mothers?

As a pregnancy medical center, ArborWoman empowers women facing unexpected pregnancies with education and support to make their own decisions regarding pregnancy, and to move forward with hope.  We focus on YOU and are by your side to listen, so you can discover all your options,

Iris Proctor
Iris is the director of ArborWoman.