Your Motherhood Matters

Happy Mothers Day!

As a new-ish mom, I love Mothers Day. I love getting breakfast in bed, seeing what craft projects and gifts my boys have for me, and spending the whole day doing only the parenting things I enjoy. I love Mothers Day because its my ideal projection of what motherhood should be. My husband does most of the heavy lifting that day, so Im showered, wearing clean clothes, fed, relaxed and I adore my children. But then there is motherhood in real life, the other 364 days a year. I wake up every morning to a little person running in my room way too early.  I make breakfast, refill sippy cups of milk, hand out a second bowl of cereal, change diapers, get everyone in clean clothes, break up fights, pump a bottle for the baby, and brush teeth. By 9:30am, Im wiped out, starving and drinking cold coffee.

I hear people say over and over again that motherhood is hard, and its true. Though I hate admitting it, Im a mom first and a woman second. I miss the days of getting ready in the morning and picking a cute outfit for the day. I miss running errands and not thinking about baby feeding schedules, diapers, nap-times, and always wondering where the closest bathroom is for my toddler. I miss hanging out with people and going on spontaneous dates with my husband. I miss making hair/doctor/dentist appointments and not worrying if someone can watch the kids. I miss my pre-baby body. I miss freedom.

Being a mom is hard. This is the part where I balance out all the negative by saying its worth it, and I wouldnt change anything. I really do believe that, but it doesnt always make the everyday struggle feel better. I look forward to Mothers Day being the one day when I can pretend motherhood is as glamorous and fulfilling as I hoped it would be.

To the moms reading this, know that the everyday struggle matters. Every meal, every changed diaper, every moment, no matter how imperfect, matters. And even though it may feel that your womanhood gets lost underneath your motherhood, you matter, too.

To the children reading this, tell your mom how thankful you are for her and the sacrifices shes made for you.

And to all the moms who dont have babies to hold, know that your motherhood matters.

To each of you wondering if all you do matters: every smile, every kind word, every act of service, every joy shared, every sorrow borne, every time you’ve come alongside another to extend a hand and lavish love – it ALL matters.

Happy Mother’s Day!