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What if I really have done something wrong?

Sometimes, “embarrassment” doesn’t cover it: We’ve cheated, lied, or manipulated someone to get ahead. We’ve behaved recklessly or irresponsibly, endangering others in the process. We’ve cause someone—our ourselves—seemingly irreparable hurt. We look at what we’ve... read more

Am I taking a big risk here?

Sometimes we get a crazy idea in our head that just won’t let us go. On one hand, we feel tempted to just say “YOLO” and go for it. But on the other hand, it just seems too risky… The problem with YOLO isn’t that it’s bad advice, but that it isn’t actually advice at all: it’s a... read more

I’m happy where I am—why should I leave my comfort zone?

Comfort zones are wonderful places to be. When we’re in them, the world is a warm and familiar place. We feel confident, because we aren’t at risk of being thrown off guard, of making a serious mistake, or of being embarrassed. For many of us, comfort zones are places of rejuvenation. Why would... read more