Women: Together

As women, we face a hailstorm of obstacles that are unique to us; pressure to fit into a particular body image, professional biases, balancing motherhood with career, the likelihood of abuse and more. There are organizations and movements aimed at fighting back against many of these obstacles. There are countless groups empowering women or raising awareness about the unique challenges women face. But oftentimes, women get caught in the crossfire of organizations fighting against one another to further their cause.

Instead of simply subscribing to the mottos and mantras of groups or facebook pages, we need to look inside ourselves and find the commonalities that unite us. As women, we have a power that is unique to us. Bound together we are a force, for our own good as well as the good of others, but separately we are a disjointed army with a lackluster mission. More than just picking our battles, we need to come together and learn to simply support each other. We must take the time to know ourselves, to reach out to others, to listen and to encourage. If we support and empower one another, the possibilities are endless, and most importantly, healing. Together, we can turn our hearts upright in our chests. We have the tools to help each other heal from all of the pain that comes with being a woman, and a human, and set our hearts on a course for living bigger than just surviving. We can learn to thrive. Together.

Iris Proctor
Iris is the director of ArborWoman.