You Are an Agent of Change

agency you are not a passive witness to your own life woman swimming strongly in deep water

We all know the feeling of being adrift in our life—of not knowing what we are doing, where we are going, or how we could change our own course, even if we wanted. When we believe this, we become helpless. We adopt a passive attitude toward the world around us, resigned to the inevitable.

Sometimes we think this way out of habit. Sometimes it is the result of depression, or because of some major unexpected event. But the longer we allow this way of thinking to continue, the more it becomes ingrained within us.

This helplessness can take many forms. We may need help, but we won’t ask for it because we’re waiting for someone else to take the initiative. Or we may become overly dependent on others, not trusting our own ability to act. Our reliance on others ceases to be a healthy sign of trust in a relationship and becomes chronic neediness. One way or another, we’re looking for someone to fix our problems so we won’t have to.

We don’t have to wait for this outside catalyst to find its way into our lives. Instead, we can accept the strength we have to start making a positive difference in our lives.

We can become our own agent of change.

Agency means that you have the ability to act independently and make free choices. It means that you are not a passive witness to your own life. You have control.

Take charge.

Do you have an area in your life where you feel helpless? How could you take charge? How can we ask others for help without damaging a healthy sense of self-reliance?


Iris Proctor
Iris is the director of ArborWoman.